Rates And Hours


We offer hourly rates for all of our bowling. With hourly rates, the bowling shoe rentals are included in the price. Below is a list of the prices.



Book online to save some time. You may now book your birthday parties, or regular hourly bowling online. You will have the choice of Regular or Neon bowling. Neon runs on Fridays at 4:30pm - 6:00pm or Saturdays / Sundays from 3:15pm - 6:00pm AND late night neon 10:00pm - 12:30am on every Friday / Saturday.

Restrictions -

Regular hourly bowling can only book up to 12 people.

Birthday Parties - Are for 2 hour long. The first hour is bowling and the second hour is at a birthday party table. Please give us the birthday childs name in the comment section when making your booking. Also, if you are getting package #2, please include your pizza order.

10 Pin bowling is unavailable on Saturdays before 7:00pm.

Same day bookings are not allowed to be done online. Call in to the bowling centre if you are looking to book for the same day.

Please click the link below to get started, but keep in mind. We love talking to people here at St. Albert Bowling Centre. So if you can't find what you want, or have some more questions please give us a call. 780-459-3337. Especially breaking in a new system like this, we may be able to accommodate you, even if the online system says there is nothing available.


Always call ahead to book lanes and ensure your spot. Remember you get a full hour of bowling for these rates with Shoes included.


Available Monday - Thursday before 6:00pm and Fridays before 4:00pm. NOT APPLICABLE DURING HOLIDAYS. Prices include shoes rentals. GST Extra. 

# of PeopleDay RatesRate Per Person
1 $13.99 $13.99
2 $27.49 $13.75
3 $40.99 $13.66
4 $47.49 $11.87
5 $55.49 $11.10
6 $63.49 $10.63


Available Mondays - Thursday from 6:00pm - Close, Fridays 4:00pm - 10:00pm and Saturdays and Sundays from Open - 10:00pm. Prices include Shoe Rentals. GST Extra.

# of People5 Pin RateRate Per Person 10 Pin RateRate Per Person
1 $17.99 $17.99  $18.99 $18.99
2 $35.99 $17.99  $37.49 $18.75
3 $50.49 $16.83  $52.99 $17.66
4 $62.99 $15.75  $65.49 $16.37
5 $71.49 $14.29  $75.99 $15.20
6 $76.99 $12.83  $81.49


Late Night Neon is available Fridays and Saturday nights from 10:00pm - 12:30am. Cost is $18.99+Gst per person for 2 hours of bowling.

* Prices are subject to change without notice.

Summer Hours (May 8th - August 21st 2017)

Day of weekOpenNeon TimeLate Neon TimeClose
Sunday 11:00am 3:15pm - 6:00pm None 10:00pm
Monday 9:00am None None 10:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am None None 10:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am None None 10:00pm
Thursday 9:00am None None 10:00pm
Friday 9:00am 4:30pm - 6:00pm 10:00pm 12:30am 12:30am
Saturday 10:00am 3:15pm - 6:00pm 10:00pm 12:30am 12:30am


Winter Hours (Starting August 27th, 2018)

There is league play during the winter hours that make the lanes unavailable at certain times. The list shows just the leagues that take up all or most of the lanes. If there is a league that takes up a smaller number of lanes, it will not be listed, because we still welcome open play to come in.  Still give a call during the busier times in case there are a few lanes available and we can still squeeze you in. 780-459-3337. For this season the leagues do take up every lane during the weekdays from 6:30pm - 9:00pm.

Day of weekOpenNeon TimeLate Neon TimeCloseLeague Play
Sunday 11:00am 3:15pm - 6:00pm None 10:30pm 14 Lanes Open
Monday 9:00am None None 10:30pm 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am None None 10:30pm 7:00pm - 9:30pm
Wednesday 9:00am None None 10:30pm 12:30pm - 3:00pm, 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Thursday 9:00am None None 11:00pm 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Friday 9:00am 4:30pm - 6:00pm 10:00pm 12:30am 1:00am 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Saturday 9:00am 3:15pm - 6:00pm 10:00pm 12:30am 1:00am 9:00am - 2:00pm

*Open times are subject to change because of special circumstances.

Bumper Bowling

Just over 70% of our lanes are equipped with bumpers. For those that are not sure what a bumper is, don't worry you are not the only one. Bumpers are rails that are put up to block the balls from going into the gutters. Keeps the ball on the lane and helps kids hit more pins down and have more fun. The bumpers are plastic and can be broken. For that reason, we have a policy that you be 8 years of age or younger in order to get the bumpers. It doesn't hurt to ask if you are just over the age or have special circumstances that might require them. If there are older people bowling with younger ones, we ask that they don't throw "bank" shots right at the bumpers.

10 Pin Bowling

St. Albert Bowling & Rec Centre offers both 5 pin and 10 pin bowling with the convertible pinsetters. One of only 6 bowling centres in the province that can. We have a maximum of 8 lanes that can be in 10 Pin mode. There are some times that all the lanes are in 5 pin mode and there is not any 10 pin available so please call ahead to book your lanes. All of our lanes are wood lanes, and the pinsetters are stringed. We offer League Play, Birthday Parties, and general open play.

Neon Bowling

Would you like to do it in the dark? Try Neon Bowling. Lights are turned out, Music is turned up, and crazy disco lights are set up all over the centre. This is the perfect time to get a group of people together and have some fun bowling.

BRAND NEW!! - We have new music selection including brand new music as well as some classics. To accompany these we have projection screens showing music videos!!

We offer Neon 4:30pm - 6:00pm on every Friday and 3:15pm - 6:00pm on every Saturday and Sunday. OR there is the late night Neon bowling on every Friday and Saturday night from 10:00pm - 12:30am. Please call ahead to book your bowling. 780-459-3337.

Don't forget that the Neon can be our busiest time for birthday parties, so please book in advance.

5 Pin Bowling

We have 24 wood lanes in our bowling centre. The last 8 lanes are convertible lanes that can be either 5 pin or 10 pin. We have stringed machines with a below ground ball return. We offer birthday parties, league play, and general open bowling.